3 rules for nailing a surprise wedding


So last night I was at an engagement party. 

Or so people thought....! 

Instead, it was an engagement party / surprise wedding*!! And it was FAB-U-LOUS!!!!!! 

My darling couple had approached me a few months ago not wanting the big white wedding, and instead wanted to celebrate their love with a wedding that would be surprising 95% of their guests. In the lead up their beautiful children knew, as did their best friend on each side, but other than that we were going to surprise their guests by getting married at the party.

It all went smoothly with a lot of VERY surprised and VERY happy people. If you're thinking of having a surprise wedding, these are the three rules I live by.

1. Have a cover story.
What is this random person doing here setting up a mic and speaker set? Why do you have a photographer? Why are you wearing white? Having a Celebrant setting up in the corner is pretty much a dead give away. So tell your Celebrant what time the party is happening and what time you'd like the ceremony to happen. Then, if they're getting there earlier and attending part of the party make sure to introduce them to someone that knows what's happening so they can help in revealing the Celebrants true identity. 

2. Tell your family. 
While your wedding day is exactly just that - your wedding day - your family may be very invested. Many mums and dads, nanas and grand-daddys have been dreaming about your wedding day for longer than you so I'd really recommend telling them what you're planning before you tell the whole room. This doesn't have to be months in advance, even just the day before or day of is a good idea. Because if your mum is anything like my mum, she'll be so freaking excited that she'll props mention it to someone else.... Sorry Mum! 

3. Just GO FOR IT!
Build that momentum, build that excitement and just do it! The easiest way to do this is to pick a Celebrant that knows how to work a room. They'll be able to get those excitement juices flowing and get the best reactions from your loved ones. Also, do the signing after the ceremony, instead of during the ceremony. If you break for the signing during the ceremony I can guarantee you two things will happen. One, your friends and family will come up to congratulate you and therefore steal you away from the rest of your ceremony, and two, you'll lose the momentum.

So go forth and surprise your nearest and dearest, and enjoy your incredible wedding. It's gonna be ammmmmmmazing! 

*And when I say a surprise wedding, I mean that the couple were both well aware of what was happening and had sign off every way! Consent is very VERY important when two people are looking to get married and a good, reputable Celebrant would never organise a wedding without the proper consent of both parties. 

Precious Fawcett