How to choose a Celebrant

Today I continue my discussion on the hot topics that many people ask Celebrants with a doozy of a question - How do you choose the right Celebrant for you? 


There's really only two things you need to know to choose the right Celebrant for you. The first is, can they legally marry you? If yes (and it should be yes. You can't just pick Dave or Barbara off the street and have them preform a legal ceremony for you - there's paperwork to be done!). And the second is, do you actually like them as a human being? 

All wedding Celebrants are similar in one way. They've been given authorisation by the Attorney General to legally marry people. Outside of this all wedding Celebrants are totally and utterly different.

Some Celebrants are old, some are young. Most Celebrants are for marriage equality, some aren't. Most are women, some are men. Celebrants can be tall or short, tattooed or non-tattooed, left wing or right wing, Greens supporters, drinkers, teetotallers. The list goes on.

This is the tough part. Because how can you tell if you like someone before even meeting them, or from just meeting them once? And what questions should you ask to know whether they might be a good personality fit for you and your partner? 

When choosing a Celebrant I'd recommend that you have a few key criteria on what you want your Celebrant to be like or do. For me the most important one was are they for marriage equality? If my Celebrant had been against marriage equality there is no way I could ever have chosen them.

You also want to make sure their style is similar to what your style is. If you're having a black tie affair with 300 people do you really want someone who is a lot more casual? Or if you're looking for a fun, laid back wedding is choosing someone who's really inflexible with their approach going to be right for you? 

I'll be writing another blog post soon on what are some of the best questions to ask a Celebrant, but until then things to consider are;

  • Do I like their social media presence? 
  • Do I like their website? (Chances are if you don't, they're more than likely to not be a good fit)
  • Are they for or against marriage equality? 
  • Will they travel to my wedding location? 


Have another question about ceremonies that I haven’t already covered? Put your suggestion below in the comments and I’ll see if I can answer it soon.