Where should a Celebrant stand?


Where Does a Celebrant stand is a question I get asked quite a lot.

When you get married by a Celebrant almost everything about your ceremony is up for discussion. There are a few hard and fast rules that we need to follow to ensure that your marriage is legal (such as reading the monitum) but everything else can be fairly flexible. Just as long there’s no OH&S issue mind you…

For the sake of clarity, I’m discussing this as though it’s an opposite sex wedding. The same principles would apply as though it was two brides or two grooms getting married. It’s just a little clearer than ‘Bride A’ and ‘Bride B’.

So when it comes to where I’ll be standing for your ceremony it’ll depend largely on how big the wedding party is and what the vibe of the day is like. If you have a wedding party of 4 (bride, groom, maid of honor and a bestman for instance) then I’ll generally stand on the outside of the group, next to the bestman. If you have a larger bridal party, maybe with 2 or 3 attendants each, I’ll still probably be standing on the outside, just as I would be if it was a smaller group. But if when we all get there the groom and/or groomsmen are way more nervous than we’re expecting (it happens more than you’d think) then I’ll come and stand beside the groom, between him and the groomsman. It can help calm nerves having me more in the middle and closer to the action. I will have the level head, tissues within reach and quiet words of advice or really bad joke to steady the nerves. 

Then I’ll move to the centre of the group and stand between you and your partner for the vows and rings (if you’re exchanging them) before dashing out of the way as fast as I possibly can for the moment when you kiss. As much as I’m sure we’ll get along there’s no way that I want you to be looking at your wedding photos in 30 years and seeing my face looking out of them. Hellll no!


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