I asked, you answered - what would you change about your wedding?


I recently asked friends, family, previous couples and random strangers - if you could get married again, what would you change? And this is what they said.

Sophie, The dress!!! I would definitely have worn the onesie I wanted to wear, but chickened out because of other people’s advice.

Jaclyn, I would have not slept through my alarm in the morning!

Alex, We both wished we’d stayed together the night before. We then could have gotten ready tighter and walked in together liked we’d wanted to.

Amanda, I if could change one thing I would have gone for it and paid for the videographer. It would be great to have a video of the day.

Amy, We wouldn’t have done so much DIY! We really should have just hired awesome suppliers and trusted their expertise enough to get out of their way. I mean - that’s what they’re there for right?!

Kirsty, I would NOT have done a 5-min ceremony with no personalisation or even vows & I definitely would have had a Celebrant with way more personality! I would have used more flowers and lighting at my reception. I also wish I’d trusted my band more (a very cool 3-piece jazz) & should have used them more instead of other music I had downloaded - better atmosphere with good live music. I was very happy with photographer who took so many candid shots - those last pics hugging my Nan and excited faces with my mother in law, hubby shaking dads hand - worth their weight in gold (I only got an album and not digital though - this was 15yrs ago - so HUGE fucking mistake!!). Oh and I would have done profesh video instead of the album.

Hermione, I wouldn’t have compromised on the dress. I’m still kicking myself! Always go for what you really want - not the best of a bad bunch. Giles Deacon called and I should have answered!! The hair deserved a better dress.

Meredith, I wouldn’t have worn white or have had a wedding party. Instead we would have had a backyard BBQ instead of a full on sit down dinner. It would have been much more our thing!!

Dee, I would have had better ceremony and a better dress. They were all old and boring back then.. I had the dress made and it was out there for back then but if I had the choice of what’s around now I’d be in heaven. I got to the door of a bridal shop once and even opened the door to go in, but that’s as far as I got. Also, I would have had a Videographer. I didn’t have one and relied on my drunk brothers. Otherwise I wouldn’t have changed anything else - live music, huge Marquee down by the Murray river, lots of fairy lights and candles, flowers picked from family garden, drinks on arrival for guests, finger food out of a van (before it was hipster).

Sue, I should have gone with a videographer as well. Oh well - next time!! Lol.

Jackie, I would have cut our guest list in half!!

Annelies, Ensure photos with all family members 😬. The day goes so quick, that if it’s not planned it doesn’t always happen organically. And your plans are your own and should be embraced to represent the event you want to have - so embrace and don’t second guess.

Lauren, Even for a “small backyard wedding”, I would have hired people to clean up and pack down the next day.

Monty, I would have gone for a more intimate, winter wedding.

Rachel, Nothing! Not a single thing :)

Precious Fawcett