REAL WEDDING: Jodi and Lauren


When Jodi and Lauren asked me to be their Celebrant I knew that their wedding would be the absolute bananas. Held in their friends backyard on the most perfect October day imaginable, Jodi and Lauren proved to everyone just how awesome a wedding can be when you’re marrying the woman of your dreams.

How did you meet? We both had considerable tattoo work done by the amazing Kat Scarlet, who decided that we might be a good match. She had become a close friend, so we both agreed when she set us up on a blind date, as having spent hours upon hours with her we figured she knew us both pretty well. She was so right on! We connected the moment we met.

Tell me about the proposal… Lauren proposed the morning of Jodi’s 40th birthday. There was a book with a hidden section containing a ring, and a polaroid of Lauren with “will you marry me?” written across it. It was perfect. Oh so perfect. Lots of tears. Happy happy tears.

What was the first thing you decided on when you were arranging your day? You Precious! Having trawled through listings of Celebrants we both separately found a listing for Precious and just knew she was the one for us. The thing that grabbed us the most was that she was so vibrant, had been supportive of same sex marriages from the get go, and wasn’t jumping on the bandwagon after the changes in law. Also the fact that Precious held naming days for trans kids for free was the real clincher. She was community focused and so inclusive and we wanted her. She said yes!

How did you choose your dress/suit/outfit? Lots of online searching for suits that fit our style and our size! The idea of walking into a regular tailor was pretty overwhelming. We searched Queer wedding, Dapper wedding, Lesbian wedding, so many search terms to try to find a suit/supplier that would be right for us both. We had even considered ordering from the US when we started following Shane Ave after an ad popped up on Lauren’s Facebook. We booked in for a consultation when we saw they were holding a pop up fitting/consultation in Melbourne. Deb (founder of Shane Ave) was incredible and made us feel so comfortable with the fitting, we both decided on three piece suits - which were so perfect for us. Deb was really so fabulous and understanding and lovely! Anyone wanting a suit - go to Shane Ave!

Tell me about your wedding venue… Our venue was our friends backyard. We wanted a simple backyard wedding and Pete’s house had a beautiful big, green backyard. Nice and roomy to put up a few marquee’s. It had a couple of beautiful trees and it was perfect for us! It also meant we had access and time to set up and take down.

Did you have a cake? If so what flavour did you chose? Red velvet cake. Made by our beautiful friend Vetti. Topped with perfect little cats. We also asked a few friends to make cat cakes… THE BEST idea ever!

What type of vibe were you after? We wanted a relaxed vibe - a celebration with family and friends where everyone felt comfortable and it focused on our celebration of love. We were so incredibly lucky that we had friends who helped us by lending us and setting up the marquee’s, tables, chairs, everything. We borrowed and bought decorative items (thankyou Kmart!!!) and it turned out so incredibly beautiful - big thanks to two special groups of friends in particular who spent days setting up. I really feel the love that our family and friends put into setting up for us made the whole event that much more incredible. How lucky are we!! Big shout out to our friends who helped us, and our community. It wouldn’t have happened without their input!

How was the lead up to the wedding? The lead up to the wedding was actually pretty stressful. As we were organising everything ourselves at times it seemed quite overwhelming. Lauren was a whizz with a spreadsheet and it helped us get sorted with everything we needed to do. We just kept in mind that at the end of the day, we would be legally married, in front of our family and friends and that was all that mattered.

What was the best piece of advice you were given in the lead up? Relax, we have you (advice from friends)

Has life changed since you got married? Not really. It just feel pretty amazing to be able to introduce each other as “my wife”. There’s also a real calmness that has occurred since the wedding. Like permanence for us and a feeling of deeper security. I think sharing our vows in front of all those that we love is a pretty incredible thing to be able to do.

Is there anything you would change about your wedding day? We would hire people to clean up the next day for us! As we held it at a friends house, the next day was spent helping take down the marquee’s, the decorations, the tables, chairs everything. Sigh. Friends helped us, but we would totally pay someone else to do this if we had our time over again!

What’s your best piece of advice for couples that are arranging their wedding? To not lose sight of what you want to do. It’s about you getting married to the person that you love. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or feels. There are going to be SO many opinions out there and so much expectation! Do what you want to do! It’s your day to celebrate your love! Invite who you want. Have fun. You do this once. ONCE.

Who was your favourite stand out vendor? Everyone was amazing. Seriously. I’m not even exaggerating! We feel so lucky! Our photographer Lisa was AMAZING - such incredible talent. We have such beautiful photos from our wedding…and she was so great to work with. Our celebrant Precious felt like a friend which was pretty special, and we got so many comments from our friends asking where we found her because she was so perfect for us. Deb at Shane Ave was sooo awesome. Our florist Highfivetothat. Kat Scarlet who set us up… She is the winner! Everyone!

Anything funny and unexpected happen on the day? We arrived at the location that morning to drop something off and saw that the roof of one of the main marquee’s had completely come off. We looked at it, looked at each other, shrugged and went “someone else can deal with that” and left. When we arrived for the ceremony it was perfect. Our people were there for us! There was no way anyone would let us down, and having the security of knowing that was pretty cool.

Precious was incredible. She absolutely understood us and what we wanted, and created a perfect ceremony that reflected exactly who we are. So many laughs, some tears and so much damn love! Would absolutely recommend her. She’s a total legend!! We adore her!!!
P.S so many people have told us our wedding was the best they’d ever been to! Thanks Precious!! xxx
— Jodi


Photographer: The Social Photographer. Catering: Pizza: Primo Street Pizza. Antipasto spread and cat cakes: friends. Cake: Best friend and “Bridesbiatch” Vetti. Invites: Paperless Post. Wedding rings: Uniform Black. Suits: Shane Avenue. Tie and Bowtie: Otaa Brothers. Flower girls’ Dress: Joolz Fashion. Shoes: Rollie Nation. Music: DJ Renee Delay. Florist: High Five to That. Super special vendor: Match maker extraordinaire and tattoos: Kat Scarlett

Precious Fawcett