REAL WEDDING: Maddy and Matt

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Maddy and Matt always knew they wanted to get married in Maddy’s parents backyard - and rain, hail or shine we were going to make it happen. Which is fortunate, because we had rain, hail, shine, laughter and love all through their wedding day. Here Maddy tells us all about it…

Tell my about the proposal… During January 2018 we went on our favourite holiday to date… New York City. We rugged up (maximum 0 degrees the whole trip) we took the subway, walked through the concrete jungle, saw the Knicks play at the garden and ate and drank our way through the speakeasy bars.

The first day of snowfall for our trip we made a B-line for Central Park. After an hour or so of wandering around, taking in all the amazing scenery covered in snow. We found a particularly beautiful and completely quiet area, just after I took a photo.. I turned around and Matt was fumbling in his pocket (trying to get the ring box out) and very simply asked me the question.. to which I answered “are you serious?” Once he got the box out of his pocket and I realised he WAS serious, I obviously said OF COURSE! He fumbled some more, opened the box, the ring had fallen out of its holder so he pretty much tipped it into my hand hahahha!

What was the first thing you decided on when you were planning… The first thing we decided very quickly was that we undoubtedly wanted to get married at my parents property. We love the house, the garden and the space. We knew we wanted a relaxed “party” vibe/style so we knew it would be perfect for us. The second thing we decided not long after that was that we wanted food trucks as our catering! We had the taco truck at my brothers engagement party and had been dreaming about them ever since

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How did you choose your dress… The dress was one thing I was really anxious about (the only thing I was even slightly worried about the whole time!) as I’m not a huge dress person but I did want to wear one. I knew I really needed to find something that was comfortable and simple to suit me. I mainly looked on instagram (where I find 99% of stuff) and I only found ONE design and one designer I wanted. I booked an appointment to try on the one I wanted … I did not have a plan B. I felt like it was this one or nothing haha. I went by myself (que angry bridesmaids and mother haha) and as soon as I put it on I said SOLD! Done, tick, pack it up its mine! It was meant to be.

We’re glad we… stuck to the vibe and style of wedding we wanted. We didn’t want a long, boring, ceremony and we didn’t want a sit down “formal feel” at all. From the first discussion about planning we wanted a party and so thats what we stuck to and tried to create. We had so much fun on the day and were so relaxed and this is largely due to sticking to our original idea.

The best thing about our wedding day was… having all of our amazing friends and family in ONE PLACE AT ONE TIME!!! Incredible - and further that they were there for US felt so so overwhelmed with love and we were so humbled and appreciative.

What is your best piece of advice for couples planning their wedding?

  1. YOU DO YOU - don’t worry about anyone else ideals, opinions and “tradition” create the day YOU WANT.

  2. Choose and overall theme/vibe early on that you both love and STICK TO IT. It makes choices and decisions easier because you can then just choose whichever option suits your vibe the most.

  3. Star with the big ticket items (celebrant, food, drink, music) these things along with your nearest and dearest are all you really NEED, everything else is just FUN stuff

Who was your standout vendor? So many! I was very lucky to find some incredible people to work with on our day! But out top 5 were definitely our good friend who was our photographer Andrew Clark, Precious who totally set the vibe up for our entire day, Desflora for our fake flowers, Fiona Claire who made my dress, our drinks catersLiquid infusion (who went above and beyond).

VENDORS Photographer - Andrew Clark. Catering - Taco truck & Pasta Face Food Truck. Cake and 150 donuts - Cakes by Rach. Invites and signage - Danger and Moon. Dress- Fiona Claire Dresses. Wedding ring and engagement Ring - Windfall Jewellery. Music - Dhivn Music. Florist - Desflora. Platter - Wildevine Platter Co. Wishing Well and Signage - Sketch and Etch. Drinks Catering - Liquid infusion (service was above and beyond would recommend and will never use any other company). Place settings - All Furniture Hire.

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