What does a Celebrant wear?

Photo by  Greg Holland

Photo by Greg Holland

There seems to be a lot of debate going on in the wedding world about what a Celebrant “should” wear to a wedding. Which one the one hand is a little bit ridiculous, but on the other totally understandable. The argument for why what a Celebrant is wearing is important is as follows.

Photo by  Elsa Campbell

Photo by Elsa Campbell

Firstly, we’ll be in your pictures. Not all of them - and certainly not even many of them if we can help it! - but we will be standing up the front and declaring that you love each other and want to annoy the bejesus out of each other for the rest of your lives.

Photo by  Kara Lee

Photo by Kara Lee

Second of all, we will reflect what your ceremony and wedding style is. If you are having a themed wedding we need to reflect. And we would look rather odd if we turned up at your wedding in t-shirt and jeans when the dress code is black tie, and unfortunately cocktail dresses don’t really match backyard weddings - it works both ways!

But on the other hand, as your Celebrant we really should know by the time you’re getting married a lot about you and your partners style, tastes and what you’re looking for in your wedding. We would have spent by this time about 10-12 hours crafting a ceremony with you, talking about what you love and hate and adore about weddings, and should really be able to reflect what you’re looking for. And because of this we should be able to get it.

I know that there are Celebrants out there that think you should only wear beige / black / navy for a wedding. But that’s not me. Certainly I rock out a black cocktail dress with the best of them, but not all of the weddings I create need or reflect that. Instead I wear whatever matches your wedding. For me this includes everything and anything from leopard print suits (classy af), sequin kimonos (thank you Rosa Bloom - see above!), cocktail dresses, corsets and pretty much everything in between.

Apart from jeans.

No way.

I don’t think I even own a pair…

Photo by  Vera Dogaru

Photo by Vera Dogaru

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