Can a Celebrant marry themselves?


You know, it’s a question we hear a lot! I had no idea before I became a Celebrant how often I’d be hearing this question.. but I thought I’d answer it once and for all.

In short, no, a Celebrant can not marry themselves.

Photo by  Vera Dogaru.

Photo by Vera Dogaru.

But why?

This is because a Celebrant needs to legally witness the signature of the parties to the marriage and the witnesses of the wedding ceremony, and legally you cannot witness your own signature.


A Celebrant could conduct their own wedding ceremony and then get in another Celebrant to conduct the legal portion of the ceremony - such as read the monitum, sign the paperwork and register the marriage. I’ve married another Celebrant before who wanted to conduct the ceremony mostly much herself with the help of two friends and myself, and it was pretty freaking awesome. The ceremony was so them that it worked insanely well.

I have also conducted the legal elements of a wedding ceremony where the couple wanted their friend to “marry” them. It takes a lot of studying to become an Authorised Marriage Celebrant and instead of putting your friend through the studying they could instead ask for the help of an Authorised Celebrant to help.

The beauty of getting married in Australia is that you have the freedom and the flexibility to get married where you want, how you want, as long as the legal requirements have been met.

Hey, you could even get married in Aisle 6 of Woolies if you wanted.

It’s up to you.

Precious Fawcett