REAL WEDDING: My own wedding

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I often get asked by couples what my wedding was like.... so here you are!!

All photos provided by Big Doofa. 

All photos provided by Big Doofa. 

This is my gorgeous Scottish husband wearing the ‘Pride of Scotland’ tartan kilt for him and a matching sash for him.

My dress was from my favourite corset stockist (Fairy Goth Mother) and made by True Bride in the UK. I customised my shoes myself (they were originally from Asos) and my makeup and hair were done by friends. My wedding ring was $70 from Swarovski and my husbands was $50 from some store in Melbourne Central. Our flowers were done by Art Stems on Lygon where I literally gave them free reign to do what they wanted - as long as there was gypsy flower in there ⚡️
We had three guests (with my husbands father tuning in on Skype from Scotland) , two bottles of Veuve Clicquot and cronuts from our local bakery at Fitzroy Gardens. The wedding was conducted by the same person that trained me up as a Celebrant and had one reading and lots of celebrations. We then got the tram to head on to Carolina Cafe Brunswick on Nicholson st for brunch and a quiz (which was written by my sister - we're a family of trivia nuts). Followed by 3 nights at The Langham as a wedding present from my parents, where we got to in an Uber.

And it was great.

We're thinking we’ll have a proper shindig with our friends and more family at some point (we're thinking a Sequin and Tartan theme either in Melbourne or Scotland with cocktails, champagne, eco friendly confetti and pizza), but for now we’re just getting on with being married. It’s been up and down, with many health and personal challenges, but it’s also been bloody brilliant.

I didn’t think marriage would really impact our relationship, but I definitely feel a stronger connection in the tough times than I think I would if we were just dating. It's when you realise that you're not just dating this person anyone, you've pledged to stand by their side and support them, nourish them and build them up as best as possible. And it's a really, really lovely promise to have made. People talk about buying houses or putting more money into their super fund in order to invest in their future, but for me, this is where the real investment is. 

All in all our wedding day was a brilliant, wonderful, amazing day, filled with lots of love and laughter, but I don’t think it’ll be the best day of our life. And I like it that way. We both do.

So I guess my message is this. Your wedding day will be amazing, no matter what you do. But the real excitement is in what comes next ♥️

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Precious Fawcett