commitment ceremonies

If you’re looking to have a ceremony to celebrate your love, but don’t want or aren’t able to take the legal route of a wedding, we can work together to create a fantastic Commitment Ceremony instead.

As you may have guessed from my site, I am 100% for marriage equality across Australia, and I'm so so freaking over the moon that Australia has ushered in a new era of weddings allowing for couples to get married regardless of their gender. 

Commitment Ceremonies can be as traditional or non-traditional as you’d like, the only thing I can’t do is tell people that you’re getting married. For more information on the difference between the two ceremonies drop me an email or give me a call.

Thank you Precious! It was lovely and very fitting having you “almost” marry us and we couldn’t have asked for a nicer day! I honestly cannot remember too much about the ceremony due do nerves but there were absolutely no parts that we didn’t like. It was natural, funny and touching…. exactly what we wanted! I particularly liked the vow that the audience took at the start - I think that set the tone nicely and both relaxed and engaged them at the same time.
— Dale and Meadhbh, March 2017

Renewal of Vows

Absolutely loved getting married the first time? Or absolutely hated it and want to do it better? Then what you’re looking for is a Renewal of Vows ceremony.

In Australia you can’t be married twice, even if it is to the same person, unless you have a divorce in between. So unless you’re echoing Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, you might want to jump straight into a renewal of vows.


Naming Days

Naming days are most often used as days to celebrate the arrival of a new family member in a non-religious way. Perfect for births, adoptions or fostering, I’ll work with you and your child (if they’re old enough to understand) to create a secular ceremony.


trans naming days

Theres still a lot of misconception about what being transexual or transgender means, and not nearly as much acceptance or understanding in the wider community as there should be. If you, a friend, or a family member is in the process of transitioning, I’d love to work with you and them to create a ceremony that reflects the changes that you’re going through. I’ll make sure that the pronouns are correct and it’ll give you a chance to deadname your previous identity, and focus on recognising your new identity and stage of life. And if the person transitioning is a child or teenager, I’ll offer my services free of charge. 


Rites of Passage

Life is more than just births, deaths and marriages. If you’re retiring, getting divorced, buying a new house, starting a new company or any other life moment that you want to Celebrate (yes with a capital C!) then I’d be happy to talk you through what you’re looking to do and how to develop the perfect ceremony for you.

I asked Precious to perform a blessing for an event I ran (a fundraiser for Marriage Equality for Morning Gloryville). She took my (slightly bizarre) brief, and created a perfectly suited blessing which created a very beautiful statement and moment. I highly commend her work!
— Morning Gloryville, December 2016